Why Is Matt Tommy The Tom Brady Of Positioning?

As any great Quarterback knows it's all about positioning. How to position your blockers, how to position your ball runners. How to position your wide receiver to be in the same position as the ball at the same time for yet another touchdown! Matt Tommy has found after scaling numerous high ticket online coaching offers to the 6 - 7 figure per month range is that positioning is everything in life. When you see something over and over again you start to identify patterns or trends. This is why everyone he has ever worked with has an instantly recognizable high profile personal brand.

One of the best ways He knows to position you in the already overcrowded market is through building a strong personal or corporate brand. Why does branding work so well? Take a look at companies like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and many others. How do they manage to convey to you as a consumer exactly what you want and desire. Why do you trust them? Is it because they have superior products? Is it because they have celebrities endorse their products? You know, people such as Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Kendall Jenner, Addison Rae, David Dobrik and so on. Is it because of influencer marketing, which is a combination of audience attention and trust with their demographics? It's because of personal branding or business branding and positioning. Companies will leverage that if there is an audience and demographic match. For example, you will see commercials of the aforementioned athletes and influencers wearing products and matching the lifestyle or image of the clients wants and needs.

Here are a couple of key examples - guys like Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Ed Mylett, and other elite entrepreneurs in this space do a good job of this. Their positioning, their consistency, and how they use social media has allowed them to become personal branding titans creating real impact. They did this by investing in podcasts, press releases, speaking on stage and leveraging other famous people which is to quote Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's business partner, "law by association."

What about the young boy who built his personal brand through reviewing toys on youtube? His personal brand now makes him millions of dollars every year. There are so many opportunities out there. You just have to find and use the right tools, and the best thing is that for the most part they are free. Tommy is a firm believer that you should invest into your brand, hobby or passion and get maximum online exposure. We are all familiar with the quote: "any press is good press" While it may keep you in the public eye ideally it should frame and position you as an expert.

Tommy says he realized at a young age that if you don't change your environment or who you associate with or how you operate things won't improve. So when he started working with the biggest online experts in the coaching and high ticket space he realized positioning was everything. The next step for him was to become an avid networker building long lasting relationships that provide real value. After doing this he built connections on different outlets such as Disrupt Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and many other credible publications. This allowed him to increase his following on social media @mattommy on IG and acquire clients more quickly, easily and sustainably.

The two things he says you should really focus on before you build an offer - is positioning yourself and networking with higher clientele.