The 3 Steps to Increase Show Up Rates For Your High Ticket Offer With Matt Tommy

The 3 Steps to Increase Show Up Rates For Your High Ticket Offer With Matt Tommy

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matt Tommy, along with his business partners, Michael Dallas-Petersen and Blake Toves, at the Sales Scaling Matrix, is an online consultant/expert in scaling high ticket online coaching offers. Matt Tommy wants to share with you the team’s knowledge, expertise and experience of scaling offers to the 6 - 7 figure run rate per month, and how to increase show up rates for your appointments. With these three simple steps Matt Tommy wants to make sure your appointments are easier to close, that you experience shorter sales calls/cycles, that you have a higher client retention rate, and to position you as the brand titan in your space.

Step 1 - Have a friendly reminder system in place to reach out to your clients/prospective clients. What does Matt Tommy mean by this? You can use automations and tools such as Calendly or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool such as Go High Level. This allows you to remind your clients before the call to actually show up (this is a big problem that can happen in any business). It’s not enough to book an appointment the client needs to show up and they need to be already primed to buy.

Step 2 - Rather than just spamming random people or prospective clients, Matt Tommy argues it is much more efficient to use video testimonials, lead magnets, value-based content, or articles, or features, or speaking on stage-based content. This positions you in the client’s subconscious as the preeminent expert in your industry. That way the pre-call campaign or cadence is designed in such a way to manage a client’s expectations and any potential objections when they hop on a call with your team. It’s a lot easier for your team, because the client has been already primed to trust the offer/entrepreneur. They know you can solve their problems, the testimonials indicate you have the track record, and they like you, as long as the investment and timing make sense, you are good to go!

Step 3 - Create value-based and creative engagement. Creating value and meaningful engagement with your clients/prospective clients is, according to Matt Tommy, something that is much harder to automate. There are many different ways to create engagement, such as voicemail drops, text messages, emails, facebook messenger follow ups, the use of gifs and adding a humorous/personalized approach. However, in Matt Tommy’s experience It is crucial that your team should have been adequately trained to engage with clients.

Once a prospective client replies to an automation or an initial outreach confirmation message, you do not stop there. You or a team member must ask personally tailored Qs to get the client to come to the realization of why they booked the call in the first place. Often as Matt Tommy explains a client may need additional help or more information to get them to this point. The next step is to ask a follow up commitment Question and get them to consume more content that has been personalized to fit their needs. The more engagement you make with the client and the more content they consume, the more trust is being built. The greater the level of trust that is built with the client the greater the level of success you and your team will have.

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