Matt Tommy Provides Winning Sales Placement and Sales Coaching in the High Ticket Sales Space

A concern that currently exists in the online high ticket sales space is the reliance of salespeople on the same script for all customers. Customers are smart and clever; hearing the same verbal patterns again and again actually puts them into a resistant state. This makes it less likely for them to buy the brand’s products or services. To help out with this issue, Matt Tommy is on a mission to help entrepreneurs streamline their business so they can increase their sales and revenues.

Matt offers sales coaching/consulting services, especially for entrepreneurs with coaching programs and agency owners. He trains other business owners to develop the ability to create value and solve problems for their customers instead of relying on the same script. Through his many experiences, Matt has gained the skill of behavioral flexibility and adaptability. He understands that each customer is different. To succeed in sales, a person must customize the approach according to the customer’s needs. With his guidance, salespeople can learn to create better scripts, change the language, and sound different to anyone in the market. Matt introduces a framework or a series of logical questions that clients can practice and refine.

Through the years, Matt has achieved a distinguished career selling digital products, coaching programs, and courses across all the leads and appointments. Mastering his skills through frequency and repetition, he has generated well over 7 figures in sales for his clients. He has worked on many unique campaigns that have collected $500k in one week, all the way to $200k in a month. With Matt’s winning track record as a sales coach/consultant, his clients learn much about how to price, package, pre-sell, and sell their products.

What’s more, Matt has also built multiple sales teams for 7-8 figure entrepreneurs, grossing them well over 6 figures in a month. For his clients, Matt offers sales placement services. The closers will be custom-tailored to the client’s business, and payment will be commission-only. The sales closers, of course, have been proven to bring in 6 figures of revenue each month for top-end entrepreneurs with online coaching programs.

It was in 2017 that Matt started on his journey in the sales industry. He left his job as a financial adviser for a bank and worked under some great sales trainers. He learned from his mentor the importance of developing the ability to influence people. Matt understood that it was the job of salespeople to change people’s lives by influencing them to move towards their goals. Having achieved success, he now hopes to help those business owners who need to sell their products but don’t know how to, were taught bad scripts or wrong practices, or don’t know how to hire or delegate sales.

In the online ecosystem, Matt Tommy is easily the best person to go to for high ticket sales coaching and sales placement. His talents, network, and track record will surely help entrepreneurs increase their sales and scale their businesses. To learn more, call (1) 416-8226016 or email