Let Matt Tommy Show You The Two Ways to Scale Your High Ticket Coaching Online Offer to 7 Figures a Month

In business there are many core elements that you need to blend together in order to dominate your industry. It’s like mixing a cocktail where you have all the right ingredients, but without the right ratios and steps you won’t get the desired outcome. My name is Matt Tommy and I have helped numerous high ticket online offers scale to 6 and 7 figures in revenue per month without spending a dime or penny in advertising. Yes, you read that correctly. So just to prove this to you I, Matt Tommy, am going to share with you my 2 top takeaways of how to scale your online high ticket offer, keep it lean and hands off. So you can be the CEO of your dreams versus just another operator.

Take away 1 – Positioning and Personal Branding are the most important elements in business and the first step to crushing and scaling your offer. Why is this the case? Business comes down to just a few key words, but the most important one is ‘’TRUST’’. If your clients don’t know you, like you or trust you they won’t be reaching for their wallets to do business with you.

I can give you numerous examples of this. People whose names have become brands that people admire and trust. For example – look at Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Daymond John in shark tank, Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, David Dobrik, and Ryan Serhant. Ask yourself this Question: ‘’if your clients googled you, searched you on social media and checked out your digital presence or foot print – would they do business with you’’. The sad thing is in most scenarios you are the expert, you are amazing at what you do, but you lack positioning. So even if you drive more leads, more sales, more appointments and do more work you just don’t get the results. You get caught up in the mire of longer sales cycles, more follow ups, and more and more work.

Many of the best offers have a consistent stream of content on youtube, instagram and facebook because these platforms add value and build trust over long periods of time. This is a great way to leverage assets and it aligns with the 7 hour rule. Essentially this means that once someone consumes 7 hours of your content trust has been built. As long as you can solve their problem they enter that buying frame of mind. This is why we only work with clients that have a big personal brand and a track record, but if you need help and advice to build your brand you can dm me on instagram @mattommy.

The next word is “VALUE”. I mean massive Value! Make sure your offer is exactly what your clients need. From there position yourself with social proof, video testimonials, screenshot testimonials, podcast interviews, NY time best seller features, press release outlets, articles, etc. Speak on stage in forums like Ted X, be featured in joint ventures like many of my clients then you will gain the type of profile and personal branding that will enable you to stand out and be the recognised online authority in your space.

Take away 2 – Quickly build an organic team for prospecting and sales. Hire outbound prospecting people to book and close their own appointments. Always remember it is really important to test out your offer in the beginning so as you scale up you can keep the business lean. As I discovered early on in my career you don’t need to rely on business managers shutting you down on Youtube and Facebook. There is a much better, easier and faster way to scale that will keep your profit margins ridiculously high. Hire virtual assistants and teach them how to prospect in organic groups on platforms like Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Find out where your ideal client avatar is, split test messaging or dm me on Instagram @mattommy.

This is a commission only model so it keeps things lean and reduces your risk to as close to zero as you can get. From there let the data decide. You can turn anyone into a prospecting and sales machine just like me and my partners Michael Dallas-Petersen and Blake Toves from the sales scaling matrix do on a regular basis. Depending on how skilled you are, and this does take time, you can do anything from a scaling stand point and hit run rates of $1,000,000 cash collected per month.

To ramp up and scale your offer and be completely hands off you should consider working with me, Matt Tommy and my partners Michael Dallas-Petersen and Blake Toves. We work with big influencers and authorities in the space. You got into business to be hands off and have consistent cash flow, so leave the headaches to us the experts. With an accumulation of decades worth of experiences between the three of us, we have worked with the biggest names, spent the time in the trenches and learnt from 7- 8 figure entrepreneurs. I have personally been a part of 6 – 10 winning offers. So, shoot me a DM on IG @mattommy and we can assess whether you qualify.