Matt Tommy was born in Japan, and raised in Australia where he attended the University of Canberra for Biomedical Sciences. He then moved to Toronto, Canada, where he first placed his foothold in the world of sales and entrepreneurship. His ongoing success allows him to work remotely, and he currently chooses to  reside on beautiful Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He loves connecting with nature, spending quality time with friends and family and being a positive contributor to the world as a whole.

Matt Tommy is one of the most sought out sales consultants and automated sales experts in the ever evolving digital landscaper.

He specializes in helping entrepreneurs organically scale high ticket offers to six and seven figure monthly returns. 

He is also a successful entrepreneur, co-founding  Building Your Authority, a thriving online enterprise.


In 2018 Matt plunged head first into the world of entrepreneurship and sales after leaving his job in the Toronto banking sector. Armed with a fierce determination, and the goal of self sufficiency , he soon realized that dream when he established his own sales consulting business.

Matt’s first foray into sales consulting involved selling $2000-$20000 courses for some of the biggest online American entrepreneurs in the high ticket online coaching space. 

His acumen then evolved into building remote sales teams for other high profile entrepreneurs.

One of the major keys to Matt’s success in this area is his ability to implement and automate the outbound SDR (Sales Development Representative) model. A system in which he trains reps to lead generate, prospect, lead nurture, book, and close their own calls to the tune of six and seven figure a month yields for his clients.


Drawing on his expertise in building teams, and always on the lookout for growth opportunities, Matt co-founded Building Your Authority with his partner Michael Dallas-Petersen in 2020.

Building Your Authority assists entrepreneurs, brand names and individuals in elevating their brands through strategic positioning and the acquisition of digital assets. They do this through collaboration with major publications and entities such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and countless others. 

Matt and his ever expanding team not only help provide the assets for their clients to scale, but also the framework and education necessary to fully implement and maximize.

Their expertise has  been integral in assisting a plethora of companies realize multiple hundreds of thousands, and million dollar months. In 2020-2021 they bolstered the growth of one of their clients from $30,000 to $1,000,000 in generated monthly revenue alone.